Designing a Better Future Together:

Social Enterprise Summit for Northern Australia (SESNA)

Friday 12 November 2021

SESNA is an annual event where social enterprises and key stakeholders from Northern Australia come together to build capacity and to support and strengthen the sector.

Join us to envision a new pathway for social enterprise and to discuss the integral role of social enterprise in a pandemic era. 

As we continue to adapt to a new world, we need to re-imagine the role of business in our societies and map out how to move forward rather than looking to bounce back.

Social enterprises are one of the most powerful ways to create change and our sector has the opportunity to play a crucial role in our economic and social recovery.

Event Overview


    • Connect
      Bring together stakeholders across the social enterprise ecosystem, create a new platform for our region and enable new connections.
    • Inspire
      Profile the stories of our region and showcase what is possible through social enterprise.
    • Build
      Support the ecosystem to enhance its impact by providing practical insights and tools and going behind the scenes to learn the ‘how to’s.

What we are delivering:

    • A one-day virtual summit
        • Morning – opening plenary setting context of the opportunity followed by two panel sessions exploring two key themes for social enterprise in our region
        • Afternoon – ‘How do I’ workshop sessions led by entrepreneurs and hosts to deep dive into real-life case studies and practical tools
    • Theming and sessions will speak to a broad range of participants in the social enterprise ecosystem for Northern Australia

What can people expect at the summit:

    • Relevant and constructive conversations
    • Real-life case studies
    • Opportunities for networking and collaborating

What can people expect after the summit:

    • Access to relevant tools and resources to support them on their social enterprise journey
    • Access to additional workshops/conversations that each network will continue to facilitate post the summit

What outcomes are we expecting for attendees:

    • Attendees are inspired by what is possible and the variety of opportunity for our region
    • Attendees have valuable take-aways and learnings from our sessions that they can use in their daily work
    • Aboriginal and women entrepreneurs are profiled and their stories heard

There will also be case study presentations and stories from the coalface, with all sessions specially tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of the Northern Australian enterprise sector.

SESNA is a collaboration between SENT (Social Enterprise Network for the Tropics), QSEC (Queensland Social Enterprise Council) and Impact North (social enterprise network of the Northern Territory).

Friday 12 November 2021

Our Partners

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